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Flooding has been an issue in Brook Park for years. But with eroding infrastructure, increased rainfall, and other impacts on our stormwater infrastructure, we’ll need to put a plan in place to address the problem before it gets any worse. 

with additional rainfall, development, and reduced permeable services putting water on the grid, we’ll need new ideas for reducing the amount of water that gets into the storm sewers while working closely with our partners at every level to develop solutions for addressing our aging infrastructure.

Support existing DREDGING and flood mitigation efforts

Our existing efforts to mitigate build up in our storm sewers needs supported, and I’ll be an advocate of continuing all existing efforts to improve the flow of runoff in our community.

Encourage Absorption Through Rain Garden Development

Rain gardens can absorb up to 30% more water than regular lawns. Developing a city wide program to encourage the planting of these gardens would help to reduce the impact on the storm sewer system.

Deploy Councilman Poindexter's Rain Barrel Program

Councilman Poindexter is right – a dedicated rain barrel program with a coordinated effort will help to reduce runoff into our storm sewers.

Support the development of green infrastructure

From flowering green rooftops, to blue rooftops that contain rainwater, to downspout disconnection programs, urban tree canopy development and beyond, we need to be looking for solutions in every place we can to get water off the grid.

Continue experimentation with sewer mat covers

Sewer drain covers are being deployed in some areas in order to reduce the speed at which water gets onto the grid. While this approach has perks and drawbacks, I’m encouraged by the willingness to experiment to solve existing problems in our city.

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