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Rebuild Brook Park’s Economic Ecosystem

The quickest way to fix longstanding issues is by growing our local economy and thereby, our tax base.

For all the years I’ve been a resident of Brook Park, like most of you, I’ve frustratingly watched countless opportunities and new businesses fly over our borders. That’s why, I’m putting forward my platform for rebuilding Brook Park’s economic ecosystem.

My goal for this platform is to make our local economy more resilient, fix lingering infrastructure issues, and over time, work to restore Brook Park to its status of “The Working Man’s Beverly Hills.”
Each one of these sections expands on the other: Investing in municipal perception will lead to business attraction; Attracting new businesses will lead to more people interested in moving to, shopping in, and investing in our community; An increase in citizenship in our community will inevitably lead to the expansion of existing businesses; and the expansion of existing businesses along with increased residency will lead to more tax revenue. Finally, more tax revenue means we can invest in municipal perception (among other things), and the cycle continues.

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