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Road Repair

It’s time to put our money where our mouth is. This issue has been lingering for far too long.

Brook Park has been talking about rebuilding its roads for a long time. Tom has a plan to get them rebuilt.

Our city has fallen behind on infrastructure repair in general, but our roads are a major part of ongoing frustration for residents. As an at-large member of the City Council, it will be my responsibility to take stock of the entire city’s road system and, alongside the administration, begin to execute a plan that will help our city catch up on much-needed repairs.

We’ll be releasing detailed plans at a later date. If you’re interested in this issue, please subscribe to our mailing list in order to be the first to know when our plans are released.

Pass a Multi Year Roads Program

Passing a roads program in one year and then telegraphing our intentions for the following year will help hold feet to the fire when it comes to investing money in road repair. By passing the following year as a resolution it allows council to be flexible while starting the conversation early about which roads are in need of dire repair.

Encourage Cuyahoga County to Build an Infrastructure bank

A county-wide infrastructure bank would allow the city to more easily borrow money and at a much lower rate than available on the bond market. This influx of cash could be used for emergency infrastructure projects or economic development purposes but would give our budget and other cities in the county much-needed added financial flexibility.

Hire a full time grant writer

A full-time interdepartmental grant writer would help to streamline data collection among departments, create efficiencies in order to apply for more grants, and would also bring expertise to finding which available grants our community qualifies for.

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