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Late last year, our company, emBold, a web + mobile design and development digital agency, had entered and were finalists in a contest by TechOhio to determine which Ohio small business had the best startup culture in the state. Of course, in our application, we mentioned all of the great things we did together: our office ping pong table, our Friday company lunches at various Akron eateries, and our in-office LAN parties where we brought our family and friends for game nights. 

Thinking back on it – those were all things that we did together, face to face. In a sense, we were like a family.

Like most fortunate small businesses that were capable to operate remotely, we decided on Friday, March 13, to close our office amid the escalating situation with the coronavirus pandemic and work from home the following week. We did this not only for the health and safety of the company but also for those we love and our respective communities at large. In what seems like a month ago, we’re just entering into our second week at home. But again, it isn’t about just us. We’re happy to do our small part in preventing the mass spread of this awful virus, and that means sustaining our business while practicing social distancing.

Originally Published on the blog of Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub, Akron’s “front door” for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.: Read The Full Article Here

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